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Massage Therapy Benefits:

Increases circulation of the blood and lymphatic systems 
Increases flexibility and range of motion 
Relieves muscular restrictions, tightness, stiffness and spasms 
Flushes toxins and metabolic wastes from the system 
Interrupts the pain cycle 
Helps reduce excessive scar formation in soft tissue 
Strengthens the immune system 
Maintains health 
Relieves stress 
Helps maintain a healthy skin and shiny coat 
Promotes an overall sense of wellness and relaxation 

Massage for pets is much like massage for you and me. We go to our therapist feeling tense or stressed and leave the office feeling like jello! In fact, pet massage and human massage use many of the same massage strokes!

When you book your pet a massage through Ohana Pet Sitters, you know that you are hiring someone who has been trained to provide safe and professional massage therapy. We will arrive at your home to meet your pet before the session and speak with you about any questions or concerns. Has your pet been less active lately? Is he looking a little stiff in the hind end? Arthritis? We want to get your pet feeling great, so a consultation and gait analysis will be necessary to address all of your concerns. Perhaps you have a completely healthy pet, but want to maintain his health as he ages.

After our initial consultation, we can begin the massage therapy. Our massages typically last between 45min-1hour and will address any muscle restrictions or unhealthy tissue we may find. We will also incorporate a variety of range of motion exercises and stretches to increase your pet's flexibility.

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Devin was certified to perform massage therapy by the Northwest School of Animal Massage!